iOR Surgical Suites: The Next Evolution in Cataract Surgery


Control, Convenience & Efficiency

iOR Suites are designed for efficiency and tailored to the surgeon’s preferences for a smoother workflow and faster turnaround time. No time wasted traveling to other facilities, no schedule restrictions, and no red tape.


Optimal Patient Experience

Cataract patients can enjoy the same experience as LASIK patients with all the benefits of a familiar, comfortable environment: more streamlined and personalized care, less anxiety, better overall experience and satisfaction.


Minimal Financial Risk

iOR Suites can be implemented in as little as 500 sq. ft. of space with zero downtime. In just a couple of months you can gain efficiencies, maximize your surgical time and add tremendous value to your practice.

A Turnkey Solution for Office-Based Surgery

iOR Suites put you fully in control of your surgical practice. We partner with you for the entire process - from initial planning through ongoing support - so you can solely focus on your patient's surgery without leaving your clinic.


By partnering with iOR Partners you can bring the surgical suite into your office, double your revenue per case, and be prepared for future growth. We are the only company equipped to fully support surgeons making the transition to OBS.

ongoing OBS support

Initial Planning & Ongoing Support

We provide everything you need to create and sustain your iOR Suite including equipment guidance, surgical staff training, materials management, billing support, and performance metrics.

revenue cycle management

Payer Negotiations

We perform insurance preauthorization and review every claim to choose the right billing mechanism that will give you the greatest reimbursement in addition to your professional fee. By redirecting the payment formerly going to the surgical facility, you can put money back into your practice.

complaince services

Accreditation & Compliance

We help keep your patients safe and ensure your compliance with current ASC standards. Our expert team makes sure you and your staff adhere to local, state and national standards, facilitates peer review of cases, and provides QA/PI support.


“Office-based cataract surgery allows me to have control of the whole surgical process and the freedom of surgical scheduling. Initially, building an in-office OR seemed out of reach but iOR Partners made it a reality with their expertise and dedication to the project. With their support, we have implemented an iOR Suite with the latest equipment, technology, and the highest level of safety. It has been gratifying to see our patients’ reactions. To see how comfortable and relaxed they were throughout the entire process from pre-op to intra-op to post-op has been remarkable!”

Paul Singh, MD
Eye Centers of Racine & Kenosha

“I think iOR is committed to growing this industry and to improving surgeon practices. They are truly a partner through the entire surgical process. Our partnership has allowed me to have at least one less worry going into surgery knowing that somebody has my back. They want to be there to support my team and I and have bent over backwards to help make us successful in every way possible. And for that, I'm extremely grateful.”

Alison Tendler, MD
ART Vision, Sioux Falls SD

"Before opening my OBS, the idea of doing cataract surgery without IV sedation was a new concept to me. I soon realized that not only was the sedation adequate with oral or sublingual, but it was patient preferred. My patients were more relaxed and did not feel like hospital patients. Now, I prefer oral sedation and find it to be a safer and more comfortable way to perform cataract surgery."

Lance Kugler, MD
Kugler Vision


Office-Based Surgery is the Future of Ophthalmology

We invite you to be a part of this movement as we pave the way for a new standard of care for the #1 procedure in healthcare.

Tired of lacking control of the surgical experience and being held back by the limitations and schedule of the surgical facility? Ready to perform surgery when and how you want, with full control of the patient experience, double the revenue, and increased growth potential? You might like to start office-based surgery but you don't know where to begin. That is why you need a partner you can trust to be with you every step of the way.

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