Transform Your Practice
with an Office-Based Surgery Suite

Freedom to Perform Surgery When You Want, How You Want

Transitioning to office-based surgery is easier than you think. The cost of building an office-based surgery suite is significantly less than an ASC and takes a fraction of the time.  With as little as 750 square feet, you can achieve seamless integration of clinic and surgery in just a few short weeks with no surgery downtime.

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iOR Partners provides a powerful opportunity to gain greater control over surgery, provide the best patient care and satisfaction, and drive significant value to the practice. With an iOR surgical suite, you have the freedom to perform surgery when you want, how you want.

We make it turnkey for you and take care of the essential equipment, surgical supplies, insurance acquisition, accreditation, and compliance training – so all you need to do is focus on your patient’s surgery.

Advantages of Office-Based Cataract Surgery

Office-based surgery (OBS) is quickly gaining momentum as the new standard of care for cataract surgery. By bringing cataract surgery into your practice, you can seamlessly integrate clinic and surgery in one location, providing the next level of safety and unmatched patient care.

Better for Practice

  • More efficient with clinic and surgery in one place
  • Career advancement opportunities for staff
  • Freedom to perform surgery when you want, how you want

Better for Patients

  • Flexible, hassle-free scheduling
  • Reduced stress with familiar environment
  • Better overall experience and satisfaction

Better for Profits

  • Significantly less cost to implement compared to an ASC
  • Additional revenue from facility fees currently going to hospital or ASC
  • Revenue cycle efficiency adds to the overall valuation of your practice
office-based cataract surgery

“iOR helped us achieve our goals to provide a life-changing experience with less anxiety, while maintaining a safety profile equivalent to a typical Medicare ASC. Patients are more comfortable with surgery in an environment they already know, and they can sense that the entire staff is  dedicated to a first-class experience, which translates into higher satisfaction, higher conversion rates across the board and our increased surgical volume.”

Lance Kugler, MD of Kugler Vision in Omaha NE

The iOR Partners Advantage

Bringing the advantages of office-based surgery (OBS) to the ophthalmology industry, iOR Partners is the only company dedicated to office-based surgery suites. We will partner with you to develop a comprehensive, ongoing, turnkey office-based surgery program that adheres to the highest clinical and ethical standards, and that helps you meet your financial goals.

We Procure The Essentials So You Can Focus Solely On Your Patient’s Surgery

Space Planning

Space Planning

Equipment & Supplies

Equipment & Supplies

inventory management

Inventory Management

revenue cycle management

Revenue Cycle Management


Licensure & Accreditation

complaince services

Compliance Management

staffing services

Staff Training

ongoing OBS support

Ongoing Support

in-office cataract surgery

“I am glad I started this process before the COVID outbreak. My ASC has moved ophthalmic procedures to another facility 45 minutes away, causing a major inconvenience for my patients and my OR time was cut in half. The fact that I was already in the process of implementing an OBS has literally saved my practice.” 

Alan Brown, MD of Surgical Eye Care in Wilmington, NC

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