Why Office-Based Surgery Works in My Practice

"The answer is simple, patients first, more efficient, freedom from scheduling, less surgery time for patients, freedom to choose technology, no backlog of cases, and a more empowered staff."  Omar Shakir, MD

Omar Shakir, MD, cataract and retina surgeon and founder of Coastal Eye Surgeons in Greenwich, Connecticut had a different idea of how to offer medical care to his patients. Office-based surgery was a natural fit for his boutique-style practice because it gave him the most control over all the variables that go into how surgery is done. Dr. Shakir shares his experience with office-based surgery and how it has impacted his practice.

Why Office-Based Surgery Works for My Practice

Part 1: More Surgeon Control and a Better Patient Experience

Part 3: Safety Standards & Reimbursements

Part 5: Feasibility & Implementation

Part 2: Office-Based Surgery for Retina

Part 4: Working with iOR Partners