Office-Based Surgery Testimonials

What ophthalmologists say about working with us...

“Practicing in a CON state, I performed surgery in a hospital-owned ASC. I transitioned to office-based surgery (OBS) to offer a better surgical experience at a reduced cost to the patient, while generating facility fee revenues. My OBS provides a safer environment, especially during the pandemic, by minimizing patient exposure to another staff and multiple patients at the hospital ASC. I chose to work with iOR Partners because they are the pioneers of office-based surgery and have a proven track record. They made the transition seamless and I believe OBS is the future of cataract surgery which is why I added three surgical suites to my practice.

Ivan Mac, MD

Metrolina Eye, Charlotte NC

“In Wilmington, NC, we have seen the local hospital distance itself from ophthalmology and favor the higher reimbursement of other specialties. Office-based surgery in a CON state presents a unique opportunity to become free of the hospital system and to be able to perform advanced cataract surgery beyond what the restrictive hospital committees allow. The ability to work with iOR partners has literally saved our practice and raised us to a higher level of patient service and satisfaction. iOR Partners provides a zero-risk alternative to operating in an ASC. They have gone beyond our expectations in every way. We are even recommending them to our competitors in order to improve patient care throughout our region! We only wish we had signed up to work with them earlier.”

Alan Brown, MD

Surgical Eye Care, Wilmington NC

“I think iOR is committed to growing this industry and to improving surgeon practices. They are truly a partner through the entire surgical process. Our partnership has allowed me to have at least one less worry going into surgery knowing that somebody has my back. They want to be there to support my team and I and have bent over backwards to help make us successful in every way possible. And for that, I’m extremely grateful.

Alison Tendler, MD

ART Vision, Sioux Falls SD

iOR helped us achieve our goals to provide a life-changing experience with less anxiety, while maintaining a safety profile equivalent to a typical Medicare ASC. Patients are more comfortable with surgery in an environment they already know, and they can sense that the entire staff is  dedicated to a first-class experience, which translates into higher satisfaction, higher conversion rates across the board and our increased surgical volume.”

Lance Kugler, MD

Kugler Vision, Omaha NE

“iOR demonstrated a great proficiency and thorough understanding of patient safety standards and requirements for the creation of our office-based surgery suite.”

Young Choi, MD

Eye Surgery Center, Birmingham AL