Is Your Surgical Facility
Limiting Your Potential?

Control Your Schedule, Increase Your Revenue, and Grow Your Practice With Office-Based Surgery

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With iOR Partners, You Can Bring the
Surgical Suite Into Your Office

Many ophthalmologists lack the control they desire and the revenue they deserve because they are performing surgical procedures outside of their clinic. Being accustomed to utilizing an ASC or other surgical facility, you may not even realize office-based surgery is an option; iOR Partners is here to offer a way forward with OBS


With as little as 700 sq ft. we can develop an office-based surgical suite for a fraction of the cost and time of developing an ASC. 


We have the clinical, surgical, and business expertise you can trust to implement and support your own in-office surgery suite. 


100% ownership of your surgical suite, higher insurance reimbursements, and continuous safety and compliance. 

Office-based surgery suites put you fully in control over the entire surgical process from beginning to end. We partner with you for the entire process – from initial planning through ongoing support- so you can focus solely on your patient’s surgery without leaving your clinic. 

Surgeon control & flexibility

Enhanced patient experience

Safety & compliance oversight

Revenue above and beyond your professional fee

What Would be Possible if You Could Integrate Clinic and Surgery Within the Comfort of Your Practice?

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A Turnkey Program, Customized for Your Practice

As a physician-led company, we know you want to provide patients with the best care and experience. Just as an ASC makes surgery turnkey by providing everything you need, so does iOR Partners. 

We provide the support you need for a successful office-based surgery program including, planning and development, accreditation and compliance, materials management, billing support, and other business-related functions needed for a successful OBS program. 

Surgeons Around the Country are Making the Transition to OBS With iOR

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Lance Kugler, MD
Kugler Vision

“Before opening my OBS, the idea of doing cataract surgery without IV sedation was a new concept to me. I soon realized that not only was the sedation adequate with oral or sublingual, but it was patient preferred. My patients were more relaxed and did not feel like hospital patients. Now, I prefer oral sedation and find it to be a safer and more comfortable way to perform cataract surgery.”

Paul Singh, MD
Eye Centers of Racine & Kenosha

Office-based cataract surgery allows me to have control of the whole surgical process and the freedom of surgical scheduling. Initially, building an in-office OR seemed out of reach but iOR Partners made it a reality with their expertise and dedication to the project. With their support, we have implemented an iOR Suite with the latest equipment, technology, and the highest level of safety.”

Office-Based Surgery is the Future

We invite you to be a part of this movement and help lead a new standard of care for the #1 procedure in healthcare.

It’s becoming more widely accepted that OBS is the future of ophthalmology. It’s an unprecedented move to physician-led healthcare that’s safe, convenient, and efficient. And that makes it good for your patients and your practice.

Now’s the chance to be part of this exciting shift in ophthalmic surgery.  Get started with a free feasibility analysis for your practice. 

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Top 5 Questions for Implementing OBS in Your Practice

What would be possible if you could seamlessly integrate clinic and surgery within the comfort of your own practice?