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Consultation - Development - Management

What is Office Based Surgery?


Office-based surgery is any surgical or invasive procedure, utilizing minimal to moderate anesthetics, performed by a licensed physician in a location other than a hospital or ambulatory surgery center.  These procedures are typically performed in a suite located within the physician's office.  

The surgical parameters of procedures commonly performed in a office-based surgery suite include:  

  • Ability to safely perform surgical procedures on stable patients
  • Minimal to moderate sedation
  • Outpatient type procedures

iOR Partners can provide a turn key solution with a full suite of services including equipment acquisition, staff training, administration and support services from concept to accreditation.  Office-based surgery suite accreditation is based upon each physician's unique needs and requirements. The highest appropriate standard of patient care and safety is always paramount in office-based Surgery.

LASIK suites and most existing procedure rooms can be converted for office-based surgery. 


Office-based surgery seamlessly integrates clinic and surgery in one location providing patients a familiar and personalized premium surgical experience.  The surgeon realizes time savings and efficiencies when employing the same staff for clinic and surgery while eliminating segregated clinical surgery schedules.  As a result, doctors can see more patients during the day and increase their flexibility in responding to changes in patient flow and improving practice productivity.  Providing an optimal patient experience while safely performing appropriate surgical procedures within the office space delivers a higher level of patient satisfaction while reducing patient stress and anxiety associated with a surgery center.

Improved commercial insurance reimbursements for office-based cataract surgery and the critical shift of surgical revenues from the ASC directly to the medical office can significantly add to the overall valuation of a surgeon's practice. office based surgery accreditation in office surgery


Advantages of Office-Based Surgery

  • Additional revenue retained by the surgeon
  • Potentially higher reimbursements
  • More financial independence
  • Patient convenience and ease of scheduling
  • Control of patient care from the beginning to end
  • Retain ownership
  • More control over the surgeon's own schedule
  • Achieve a better work-life balance

The Process


Pre-Development Phase

  • Phone consultations
  • Project feasibility
  • Assist with development of financial pro forma 
  • Review overall expectations for the facility and procedures 
  • Site / customer visits 
  • Establish program timeline 


Development Phase

  • Assist with space plan 
  • Establish governing body structure 
  • Develop policy and procedure manual 
  • Develop surgical suite to current      standards 
  • Ensure proper equipment is secured 
  • Review supply requirements 
  • Develop Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Program (QAPI)
  • Ensure proper staff training 
  • Ensure facility meets current  accreditation standards (AAAASF)


Operational Phase

  • Available for first cases 
  • Initial inspection of facility 
  • Review patient care protocols with staff 
  • Develop and review standards of care 
  • Ensure QAPI program had been established 
  • Available during accreditation body visit  
  • Insurance contracting guidance 
  • Participate in Medical Executive Meeting 
  • Participate in Governing Body Meeting 
  • Update policy and procedures
  • Ongoing facility inspections (mock accreditation review)



Ongoing Support

  • Provide update on Standards
  • Quality & risk management
  • Ongoing compliance with current standards and regulations
  • Policy & procedure updates
  • Marketing support
  • Ongoing inspection support
  • Incident reporting
  • Credentialing and/or accreditation - if desired


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