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Now, Office-Based Surgery is Accessible to Your Practice

iOR Partners gives you a powerful opportunity to gain greater control of your surgical experience and patient care while utilizing the highest level of patient safety. LASIK and most existing procedure rooms can be converted to surgery suites, and in just a few short weeks you can achieve seamless integration of clinic and surgery in a single location. iOR Partners makes it turnkey for you as we assume responsibility for the entire process – from initial planning through ongoing support – all with limited-to-no financial exposure for you.


Advantages of Office-Based Surgery Suites

Office-based surgery is gaining momentum as the new standard of care for cataract surgery. As the demand increases, office-based surgery suites can offer a better solution for surgeons and patients. By bringing cataract surgery into your practice, you can seamlessly integrate clinic and surgery in one location, providing the next level of safety and quality of care. With an in-office surgery suites, you can enjoy:

Greater control & flexibility

Premium patient experience

Increased financial advantage

Why iOR Partners

Bringing the advantages of office-based surgery to the ophthalmology industry, iOR Partners is the only company dedicated to office-based surgery suites. Just as an ASC makes surgery turnkey by providing everything you need, we make it turnkey to bring cataract surgery into your office.

We procure the essentials so you can focus solely on your patient’s surgery:


Equipment & Surgical Supplies


Premium Office Design


Payer Negotiations


Practice Development


In-Office Surgical Staff Training


Accreditation and Compliance

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Ongoing Support for Your Practice

We are proud to have built dozens of iOR Surgery SuitesTM nationwide. Our customers enjoy full control of their surgical experience while they raise the level of patient care in ophthalmic procedures.