Is Your Surgical Facility
Limiting Your Potential?

Control Your Schedule, Increase Your Revenue, and Grow Your Practice With Office-Based Surgery

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With iOR Partners, You Can Bring the
Surgical Suite Into Your Office

Many ophthalmologists lack the control they desire and the revenue they deserve because they are performing surgical procedures outside of their clinic. Being accustomed to utilizing an ASC or other surgical facility, you may not even realize office-based surgery is an option; iOR Partners is here to offer a way forward with OBS


With as little as 500 sq ft. we can develop an office-based surgical suite for a fraction of the cost and time of developing an ASC. 


We have the clinical, surgical, and business expertise you can trust to implement and support your own in-office surgery suite. 


100% ownership of your surgical suite, higher insurance reimbursements, and continuous safety and compliance. 

Office-based surgery suites put you fully in control over the entire surgical process from beginning to end. We partner with you for the entire process – from initial planning through ongoing support- so you can focus solely on your patient’s surgery without leaving your clinic. 

Surgical schedule that works for you

Enhanced patient experience in a familiar environment

Safety & compliance to ASC accreditation standards

Revenue above and beyond your professional fee

What Would be Possible if You Could Integrate Clinic and Surgery Within the Comfort of Your Practice?

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How to Partner With iOR

OBS 101 Guide
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Free Analysis
Get a free, custom consultation and feasibility analysis for your in-office surgical suite

Growth & Control
Gain control of the surgical experience, increase your revenue per case, and be prepared for future growth! 

Calculate the Value of OBS for Your Practice

The cost of building an office-based surgery suite is significantly less then an ACS and adds tremendous value to your practice. We will help manage your revenue cycle ensuring that you receive the maximum return on your surgical time. iOR has been successful in collecting reimbursements from all major payors in all 50 states.  

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*Net revenue is based on average reimbursement amount, less the average case costs including IOL, consumables, iOR case fee and equipment lease cost.

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Surgeons Around the Country are Making the Transition to OBS With iOR


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Lance Kugler, MD
Kugler Vision

“Before opening my OBS, the idea of doing cataract surgery without IV sedation was a new concept to me. I soon realized that not only was the sedation adequate with oral or sublingual, but it was patient preferred. My patients were more relaxed and did not feel like hospital patients. Now, I prefer oral sedation and find it to be a safer and more comfortable way to perform cataract surgery.”

Paul Singh, MD
Eye Centers of Racine & Kenosha

Office-based cataract surgery allows me to have control of the whole surgical process and the freedom of surgical scheduling. Initially, building an in-office OR seemed out of reach but iOR Partners made it a reality with their expertise and dedication to the project. With their support, we have implemented an iOR Suite with the latest equipment, technology, and the highest level of safety.”

OBS is the Future of Ophthalmic Surgery

We invite you to be a part of this movement as we pave the way for a new standard of care for the #1 procedure in healthcare.

Tired of lacking control of the surgical experience and being held back by the limitations and schedule of the surgical facility? Ready to perform surgery when and how you want, with full control of the patient experience, double the revenue, and increased growth potential? You might like to start office-based surgery in your practice but it is a big transition and you don’t know where to start. That’s why you need a partner you can trust to get you started and be with you each step of the way. 

Ready to Talk? Call us at (626) 610-4437

Download Office-Based Surgery 101

Top 5 Questions for Implementing OBS in Your Practice

What would be possible if you could seamlessly integrate clinic and surgery within the comfort of your own practice?