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White Papers & Webinars

Insights from office-based surgery experts.

White Papers

The Safety of Ophthalmic Office-Based Surgery
Office-based surgery (OBS) represents the latest evolution of ophthalmic surgery. The evolution of OBS closely mirrors the previous transition from hospitals to ASCs. Read about the research on more than 50,000 cases showing that OBS offers both surgeons and patients many benefits and safety that match—and in some cases exceed—that of other environments.

Office-Based Surgery 101
Our physician-led team has developed and managed 100+ office-based surgical suites nationwide. This guide is intended to share our knowledge and distill the answers to the top five questions we commonly receive from providers looking to make the switch to OBS.

The Growing Demand for Cataract Surgery: Why Office-BasedSurgical Suites Offers a Better Solution for Surgeons and Patients
Not only is the demand for cataract surgery projected to increase with the aging population, the demand for presbyopic refractive procedures is also increasing with the projected market cap growth in excess of 1000% in the next ten years. Along with the forecast growth in these procedures, it is anticipated that there will be an even greater shortage of operating rooms than currently experienced and a shortage of physicians to keep up with demand. While there are currently more than 5,400 ASCs, with more than 1,000 specializing in ophthalmic surgeries, that number is insufficient to keep up with the projected demand. Clearly, another solution is needed.


Is Office-Based Surgery Good For Ophthalmology?
In this webinar, a panel of surgeons discuss the pros and cons of office-based surgery (OBS). The evolution of OBS closely mirrors the transition from hospitals to ASCs, which faced the same controversy as OBS is today. Find out why webinar viewers suggested that 25% of cataract surgeries will transition to OBS in the next 5-10 years. 

Speakers:  Daniel Durrie, MD, Mark Lobanoff, MD, Dagny Zhu, MD, Omar Shakir, MD 
3 Myths About Office-Based Surgery

Office-based cataract surgery is a rapidly growing movement in ophthalmology. A transition to a new setting is always disruptive and controversial. OBS is facing the same opposition that ASCs faced when surgery transitioned from hospitals. In this webinar, OBS experts debunk the most common myths about office-based cataract surgery.  

Speakers:  Daniel Durrie, MD, Lance Kugler, MD, David Mittleman, MD, Michael Shumski, MD 
Achieving The Joint Commission Accreditation For Office-Based Surgery Centers

iOR Partners and The Joint Commission share the goal of delivering consistent, high-quality, ophthalmic surgical care. Learn about the accreditation process for office-based surgery. 

Speakers:  Tony Burns, Lisa Brown, Anna Stoneberger, Omar Shakir, MD, Tammy Duvall, Robin Wedell 
The Changing Landscape of Retina
Addressing the challenges for today’s surgeons, such as limited surgical time, backlog of patients, and no flexibility for work/life balance, and uncover solutions for the future. 

Speakers: Tony Burns, Omar Shakir, MD 
How To Grow Your Practice With Office-Based Surgery
Learn how office-based surgery can help with increased patient demand and satisfaction while offering surgeons more control and flexibility. 

Speakers:  Speakers: Rick Prell, Omar Shakir, MD, Mike Shumski, MD, Clay Patterson 
Office-Based Surgery – In Current Times & Beyond
The impact of OBS for Patient Safety and Outcomes - A Better Patient Experience with Less Anxiety - Rebuilding on the Other Side of the Valley - Growing Your Practice with Lens-Based Refractive Surgery.  

Speakers:  Daniel Durrie, MD, Paul Karpecki, OD, Lance Kugler, MD, Alison Tendler, MD, Young Choi, MD