Focus On Surgery. Let iOR do the rest.


By Assuming total responsibility for everything from space planning to staff training, the team at iOR gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best: performing surgery. iOR will oversee details like inventory management, compliance, and everything in between to permit you seamless integration of clinic and surgery. With as little as 700 square feet, you can incorporate an in-office surgery suite in just a couple of months.

iOR Suites: A Turnkey Program, Customized for Your Practice

Just as an ASC makes surgery turnkey by providing everything you need, so does iOR Partners. We provide the support you need for a successful office-based surgery program.

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Your Surgery Your Revenue

Surgeons can implement an iOR Suite® within a few months and begin maximizing their surgical revenue immediately.

iOR® will help manage revenue cycles, ensuring you receive the maximum return on your surgical time. The cost of building an iOR Suite® is significantly less than an ASC, and adds tremendous value to your clinic. In as little as 90 days, you can implement an iOR® office-based surgical suite and retain surgical revenues within your practice. Not only will you retain 100% of surgical revenues within your practice, but you'll gain additional sources of revenue, too!

Does Medicare Reimburse for Office-Based Surgery?

Yes; you can receive Medicare reimbursement for OBS. You’re simply paid in a different way. iOR has a well-established, compliant model using local payors on more than 40,000 Medicare paid claims. We understand the regulatory and billing requirements to get you reimbursed. What’s more, we review every case, perform insurance pre-authorization, and submit OBS claims to facilitate reimbursement.

Medicare Claims Paid to Date

Get Started with a Feasibility Analysis

iOR Partners makes office-based surgery turnkey for you. With as little as 700 square feet, you can achieve seamless integration of clinic and surgery in just a few short weeks with no surgery downtime.

Get started with a complimentary feasibility analysis and financial pro forma for office-based surgery.