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Office-Based Surgery White Paper

As the demand for cataract surgery grows, office-based surgery (OBS) continues to gain momentum as the new standard of patient care.

Bring cataract surgery into your practice and seamlessly integrate clinic and surgery into one convenient, cost-saving location.

This paper addresses the safety, effectiveness, and benefits of OBS. Download for free now!


How to Keep Patients Safe and Build Reassurance

An in-office surgery settings can provide reassurance to patients as they are in a familiar environment with a familiar staff.  There is also more control over scheduling and flexibility to create space between patients in the office.  Alison Tendler, MD of ART Vision explains how she creates a personalized experience where patients are usually unaware of other patients in the practice.

Increase Surgery Efficiency & Workflow While Practicing Social Distancing

Office-based cataract surgery allows you to cut out an additional visit to an ASC or a hospital making it more efficient for the practice and patient while minimizing exposure. Young Choi, MD explains how he plans to increase conversion rates on premium procedures. Bilateral refractive procedures are one way he can increase workflow while following extreme social distancing.

Why I Chose iOR Partners for my Office-Based Surgery Suite

There is a lot to consider when transitioning surgery from the ASC into your practice. Alison Tendler, MD tells us why she chose to implement office-based surgery in her practice and how iOR Partners helped her achieve this.

Webinar: Office-Based Surgery – In Current Times & Beyond

How can we better ensure the health and safety of staff and patients while providing the most personalized patient care? Is office-based surgery (OBS) a better solution for surgical practices in the future?   In this webinar we discuss: 

  • Impact of OBS for Patient Safety and Outcomes
  • A Better Patient Experience with Less Anxiety
  • Rebuilding on the Other Side of the Valley
  • Growing Your Practice with Lens-Based Refractive Surgery

Is Office-Based Cataract Surgery Safe?

When considering office-based surgery suite for your practice, safety is the primary concern.  Lance Kugler, MD of Kugler vision in Omaha, NE shares his findings on the safety of OBS for cataracts.

He built an accredited office-based surgery center with the same or better standards for eyes that an ASC requires. He shares data from a large study and compares to his own OBS data with similar outcomes.

How In-Office Surgery Can Reduce Patient Anxiety

Many patients experienced some level of anxiety when undergoing surgery. Post COVID-19, there will likely be increased anxiety with concerns over safety. Performing such procedures in an OBS setting can provide reassurance and a less stressful patient experience. Alison Tendler, MD explains how the environment she has created at ART Vision Center reduces patient anxiety.