Enhance Your Practice with
Office-Based Cataract Surgery

With a cataract surgery suite in your practice, you can seamlessly integrate clinic and surgery in one location, providing the next level of safety and quality of care.

OBS benefits

Benefits to Your Practice:

  • The highest level of safety for patient, surgeon, and staff.
  • Improved efficiencies with flexible scheduling for clinic and surgery.
  • Increased financial advantage.

Benefits to Your Patients:

  • Streamlined and more personalized patient care.
  • Reduced stress with a familiar environment and staff.
  • Better overall experience and satisfaction.

What is Office-Based Surgery?

Office-based surgery (OBS) is any surgical or invasive procedure, utilizing minimal to moderate anesthetics, performed by a licensed physician in a location other than a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. These procedures are typically performed in a suite located within the physician's office. Ophthalmology procedures commonly performed in an OBS include:

  • Cataract surgery

  • Refractive lens exchange

  • Oculoplastics

  • Other lens-based procedures

Advantages of Office-Based Cataract Surgery

office-based surgery suite for cataracts

Greater Control and Flexibility

With an office-based cataract surgery suite, you have more control of the surgery from start to finish, including your choice of equipment and supplies. You are ensured to work with your own surgical staff who you know and trust. You gain greater control of your schedule, as you can perform surgery on the days and times that work best for you and your patients. Because you can schedule clinic and surgery all on the same day, you have the flexibility to see more patients during the day and enjoy greater work-life balance.

Appropriate Levels of Anesthesia

You can decide the appropriate level of anesthesia for each patient and procedure. Most OBS cases are done under Class A level anesthesia and don’t require additional patient monitoring or staff. Less anesthesia reduces patient anxiety and costs per case.

Type of Sedation
  • Oral and Topical non-dissociative drugs
  • IV and some dissociative drugs
Office Spaces Needs
  • No dedicated pre-op or post-op area needed
  • Surgery suite incorporated within current clinic space, often without any additional construction
  • Refractive suites and most existing procedure rooms can be converted for office-based surgery
  • Dedicated areas needed
  • Operating room, including pre-op and post-op areas, separated from general office
Post-Op Requirements
  • None
  • Supervision of RN, CRNA or Anesthesiologist.
  • Patient monitoring equipment
Insurance Reimbursement
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Medicare Advantage
Class A anesthesia for office-based cataract surgery
cataract surgery suite for premium patient care

Next Level Premium Patient Care

With an iOR cataract surgery suite designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety, patients will experience a higher level of satisfaction than typically associated with a multi-specialty ASC. Your patients will benefit from interacting with staff they know, in an office they are familiar with – creating a more relaxed, personalized, premium surgical experience. In addition, because clinic and surgery schedules will be combined, patients will find it easier and more convenient to select the date and time for their surgery.

Now, Office-Based Surgery is Accessible to Your Practice

iOR Partners gives you a powerful opportunity to gain greater control of your surgical experience and patient care while utilizing the highest level of patient safety. Refractive suites and most existing procedure rooms can be converted for office-based ophthalmic surgery, and in just a few short weeks you can achieve seamless integration of clinic and surgery in a single location. iOR Partners makes it turnkey for you as we assume responsibility for the entire process – from initial planning through ongoing support – all with limited-to-no financial exposure for you.