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Perform Ophthalmic Surgery Safely In the Convenience of Your Office

What Is Office-Based Surgery?

Office-based surgery (OBS) is any surgical or invasive procedure performed by a licensed physician in a location other than a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. These procedures, which include cataract surgery, retina procedures, refractive lens exchange, and oculoplastics, are typically performed in a suite located within the physician's office and utilize minimal to moderate anesthetics.

Advantages of Office-Based Ophthalmic Surgery

in-office cataract surgery

Greater Control and Flexibility

An ophthalmic office-based surgery suite gives you more control of surgery from start to finish, including your choice of equipment and supplies. In addition to working with a surgical staff you know and trust, you gain greater control of your schedule and can perform surgery at times most convenient to you and your patients.

This highly personalized model allows clinicians to schedule clinic and surgery jointly, providing increased scheduling flexibility and greater work-life balance.

Higher Levels of Patient Satisfaction

95% of iOR customers say that office-based surgery has improved patient satisfaction in their practice.  That is because iOR surgery suites are designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety, while giving surgeons full control over the patient experience.

Patients will benefit from interacting with the staff they know and trust in an environment they are familiar with. This heightened attention to detail creates a more relaxed, personalized, premium surgical experience.

Additionally, because clinic and surgery schedules are combined, patients find it more efficient to select the date and time for their surgery.

OBS benefits

Anesthesia: Less Is More

95% of ophthalmic office-based surgeries are performed with light oral sedation (Class A) and do not require an IV (Class B).  This significantly cuts post-op time and allows the patient to be awake and responsive throughout the procedure. If you determine that IV anesthesia is necessary, you have the option to implement a Class B office-based surgical suite. The choice is yours.

Low-Risk, High Reward

Patient satisfaction, staff engagement, and physician efficiency are rewards of transitioning to office-based ophthalmic surgery. You will receive all of these rewards when you are able to successfully launch your iOR Suite. The risk lies in the time, energy, and effort will you spend trying to figure it out on your own. Let iOR be your trusted partner to help you navigate the intricacies of staff training, billing, and procedures critical to a successful office-based surgical suite.