The iOR Partners Advantage

With iOR Partners’ Expertise, You Are Free to Focus on Surgery

Just as an ASC makes surgery turnkey by providing everything you need, so does iOR Partners. We provide all the essential equipment, equipment care and maintenance, surgical supplies, and accreditation and compliance procedures for your iOR SuiteTM and staff – so all you need to do is focus on your patient’s surgery.


Our Turnkey Process

There is little to no upfront cost to implement an iOR SuiteTM.  You pay a per case fee that includes a customized array of services. After the term of the agreement, you retain ownership of all surgical equipment and supplies, with no further financial obligation to iOR Partners.

ophthalmology suite

Minimal Financial Exposure and Increased Revenue for Your Practice

The cost of building an OBS suite is significantly less than an ASC and you will have 100% ownership as it is part of your practice. You will also enjoy the added financial advantages of potentially higher insurance reimbursement. 

For example, when performing surgery at an ASC, you are reimbursed only for your surgical fee. However, with an iOR Surgical SuiteTM, you will receive your surgical fee plus additional reimbursement that would have been paid to the ASC. So not only will you retain 100% of surgical revenues within your practice, an iOR Partners OBS suite can provide you with additional sources of revenue. 

ophthalmologist in office

A Partnership That Works to Your Advantage

To get you off to a good start financially, we will aggressively negotiate with payers prior to the opening of your iOR SuiteTM, and your agreement term with iOR Partners doesn’t begin until the first IOL surgery is performed within your office. There are no case volume minimums, and we only bill you a case fee for IOL implant cases. And when the 48-month contract period ends, your practice owns all of the equipment and supplies purchased by iOR.

Our Office-based Surgery Services


Accreditation and Compliance Expertise

Because physicians are faced with complex and often-changing regulations iOR Partners provides an array of comprehensive services and ongoing management support to help keep your patients safe and ensure your compliance to current standards. Our expert, highly trained team makes sure you and your staff adhere to local, state and national standards, facilitates peer review of cases and provides quality assurance and performance improvement (QA/PI).


We Take Care of Insurance Acquisition

As insurers can be very confusing and difficult to navigate, iOR Partners’ expertise in insurance reimbursements can increase the revenue to your surgical practice. iOR Partners works directly with the insurance companies to make sure you receive reimbursement for office-based procedures.


Your Ongoing Partner in Lens-Based Refractive Surgery

We know you’re also focused on your long-term success. And so are we. That’s why iOR Partners offers a variety of services that will help your practice continue to grow, thrive and prosper. 

We begin by viewing your practice through the eyes of your patients. A carefully planned patient experience will result in more premium upgrades and more referrals. During this process, we will assess your systems and processes and look for opportunities to improve efficiencies. And our partnership doesn’t stop there as we will provide ongoing support and education for you and your staff. 

Our goal is to make your practice the gold standard in lens-based refractive procedures in your area.