The iOR Partners Advantage

Focus On Surgery. Let Our Team Handle the Rest.

iOR Partners is here to guide you so that you can avoid the potential pitfalls of creating an office-based surgical practice. With our process, it will take you months, not years, to develop. We give you the resources and procedures to successfully build and train your surgical team, navigate OBS billing, and overcome the challenges of managing a surgical facility.

All you need to do is focus on providing great patient care.

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The iOR Approach

By partnering with iOR Partners you can bring the surgical suite into your office, increase your revenue per case, and be prepared for future growth. We are the only company equipped to fully support surgeons making the transition to OBS and have developed and managed 80+ suites in 30+ states.

Our program includes a customized array of services for a per-case fee. After the term of the agreement, clinicians retain ownership of all surgical equipment, supplies, and protocols with no further financial obligation to iOR Partners.

The cost of building an OBS suite is significantly less than an ASC, and you will have 100% ownership as it is part of your practice. You will also enjoy the added financial advantages of potentially higher insurance reimbursement. To set you up for optimal success, the iOR team will aggressively negotiate with payors prior to the opening of your iOR Suite. We have received reimbursements from Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and all major commercial payers.

Additionally, our expert team will be on site to train your team and launch your iOR Suite. After launch, we will be an ongoing resource for you and your staff during the term of your agreement.  Think of us an extension of your team.

What We Offer: Office-Based Surgery Services


Accreditation and Compliance

Never worry about crossing your T's and dotting your I's. Our highly trained team of experts makes sure you and your staff adhere to all local, state, and national standards. We also provide quality assurance and performance improvement (QA/PI).


Billing Support

We get it: insurers can be difficult to navigate. iOR Partners understands the regulatory and billing requirements that you need in order to get reimbursed. We review every case you submit a claim on, perform insurance pre-authorization and choose the right mechanism for billing that will give you the greatest return above and beyond your professional fee. By redirecting the payment formerly going to the surgical facility, we assist you in successfully putting money back into your practice.


Ongoing Support for Long-Term Success

You're focused on your long-term success - and so are we. That's why iOR Partners offers a variety of services to ensure your OBS program is sustainable.

Our team will continually access your systems and processes to find opportunities to improve your efficiencies. But we don't stop there: our staff also provides ongoing education for you and your team in order to stay on the cutting edge.  You will also benefit from our network of surgeons and share insights at semi-annual meetings.