Turnkey iOR Surgical Suites

With iOR Partners' Expertise, You Are Free to Focus on Surgery

Just as an ASC makes surgery turnkey by providing everything you need, so does iOR Partners. We assume responsibility for the entire process – from space planning to staff training, inventory management, compliance, and everything in between. With as little as 750 square feet, you can incorporate an in-office surgery suite and achieve seamless integration of clinic and surgery from a single location in just a couple of months. All you need to do is focus on your patient’s surgery.



  • Feasibility & Profitability Analysis
  • Space Planning
  • Establish Plan & Timeline


  • Equipment & Cost Planning
  • Confirm Buildout Meets Accreditation Standards
  • Review Deliverables & Target Dates

Onboarding & Launch

  • Determine Surgeon Preferences
  • Staff Training
  • Launch Week (iOR team onsite for 1st cases until staff is trained)

Operational Support

  • Facility Fee Billing Assistance
  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • Accreditation & Compliance

How It Works

There is little to no upfront cost to implement an iOR Suite®. Rather, for a 48-month agreement, you pay a per case fee that includes a customized array of services. iOR does not contain any ownership in your practice. We are solely a service provider.

iOR Suite

Turnkey office-based surgical suite

48 Months

Term of agreement for an array of services


iOR average fee per case

Minimal Financial Exposure

The cost of building an office-based surgery suite is significantly less than an ASC and adds tremendous value to your practice. You can implement an iOR Suite® in a couple of months and start maximizing your surgical revenue immediately. iOR® will help manage your revenue cycle ensuring that you receive the maximum return on your surgical time. So not only will you retain 100% of surgical revenues within your practice, you will gain additional sources of revenue.

For example, when performing surgery at an ASC, you are reimbursed only for your surgical fee. However, with an iOR Surgical Suite®, you will receive your surgical fee plus additional reimbursement that would have been paid to the ASC. So not only will you retain 100% of surgical revenues within your practice, an iOR Partners OBS suite can provide you with additional sources of revenue.

Success with Reimbursements

iOR Partners has collected reimbursements on over 25,000 ophthalmic claims from 800 payers in all 50 states, including all seven Medicare MACs.

ophthalmic claims reimbursed at iOR suites
average reimbursement amount
rate of claims paid at iOR suites

Frequently Asked Questions

The per-case fee covers space planning, equipment procurement, revenue cycle, and billing support, inventory management, compliance services including licensure and accreditation, surgical staff training, and ongoing operational support throughout the term of the agreement. 

We have been successful in collecting reimbursements above and beyond the regular professional fee from all seven Medicare MACs. 

There are two anesthesia options for ophthalmic OBS - Class A and Class B. Class A utilizes oral and local topical anesthetics and Class B utilizes monitored anesthesia requiring an anesthesia provider and RN to be present. Most OBS cases are done under Class A level anesthesia and don’t require any additional patient monitoring or staff. Patient can eat and drink immediately before surgery in Class A.

Learn more about anesthesia in office-based surgery.

Of primary importance, office-based surgery provides safe and effective outcomes that are comparable to those performed in an ASC while also streamlining patient care. The largest U.S. retrospective study (Office-Based Cataract Surgery: Population Health Outcomes Study) of 21,501 cataract surgeries (13,507 patients, age 72.6 ±9.6 years) conducted in the Denver metropolitan area Kaiser office from 2011-2014 found that OBS efficacy outcomes were consistently excellent, with a safety profile expected of minimally invasive cataract procedures performed in ASCs and HOPDs. – Read White Paper on Patient Outcomes.  

In over 5000 procedures performed in iOR facilities, our safety profile is consistently as good or better as those in the Kaiser study.


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iOR Partners makes office-based surgery turnkey for you. With as little as 750 square feet , you can achieve seamless integration of clinic and surgery in just a few short weeks with no surgery downtime. We provide the essential equipment, surgical supplies, insurance acquisition, accreditation, and compliance training – so all you need to do is focus on your patient’s surgery.

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