iOR SuiteTM: A Seamless Transition to In-Office Surgery




Ongoing Support

With iOR Partners' Expertise, You Are Free to Focus on Surgery

Just as an ASC makes surgery turnkey by providing everything you need, so does iOR Partners. With as little as 750 square feet, you can incorporate an in-office surgery suite and achieve seamless integration of clinic and surgery from a single location in just a few short weeks.

We assume responsibility for the entire process – from initial planning through ongoing support. All you need to do is focus on your patient’s surgery.


Pre-Development Phase

  • Phone consultations
  • Project feasibility
  • Assist with development of financial pro forma 
  • Review overall expectations for the facility and procedures 
  • Site / customer visits 
  • Establish program timeline 

Development Phase

  • Assist with space plan 
  • Develop surgery suite to current standards 
  • Ensure proper equipment is secured 
  • Ensure proper staff training for in-office surgery 
  • Ensure surgery suite meets current accreditation standards

Operational Phase

  • Initial inspection of the surgery suite 
  • Review patient care protocols with staff 
  • Develop and review standards of care 
  • Payer Negotiations

Ongoing Support

  • Provide updates on standards
  • Marketing support
  • Ongoing inspection support
  • Incident reporting
  • Credentialing and/or accreditation - if desired
  • Lens-Based Refractive Surgery Program

In-Office Surgery Suite: A Cost-Effective Solution

The cost of building an office-based surgery suite is significantly less than an ASC and adds tremendous value to your practice. iOR can implement an in-office surgery suite in 30 to 60 days so you can start maximizing your surgical revenue immediately.

A Partnership That Works to Your Advantage

iOR Partners brings unparalleled expertise and leadership in ophthalmic office-based surgery suites. We will partner with you to develop a comprehensive, ongoing, turnkey office-based surgery program that adheres to the highest clinical and ethical standards, and that helps you meet your financial goals.


Space Planning & Design

As the only company dedicated to ophthalmic office-based surgery suites, iOR Partners will ensure you are set up for success from the beginning. First, we help to uncover key opportunities for your practice, then develop a comprehensive plan including a cost analysis, floor plan design and project timeline. We will oversee the entire development process to ensure your surgical suite is built to current standards.


Accreditation & Compliance

Because physicians are faced with complex and often-changing regulations iOR Partners provides an array of comprehensive services and ongoing management support to help keep your patients safe and ensure your compliance to current standards. Our expert, highly trained team makes sure you and your staff adhere to local, state and national standards, facilitates peer review of cases and provides quality assurance and performance improvement (QA/PI).


Surgical Supply Chain

Efficient supply chain management is critical to keep operating costs down. That is why we manage supply inventory and ordering. Not only will this save time and money, you can rest assured knowing that you will have the right supplies at the right time to keep your workflow running efficiently.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Insurers and medical billing can be very confusing and difficult to navigate. Not only do we work directly with insurance companies to facilitate reimbursement for office-based procedures, we will manage the entire billing and collection process to optimize reimbursements. With improved revenue cycle efficiency, you can significantly add to the overall valuation of your surgical practice.

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iOR Partners makes office-based surgery turnkey for you. With as little as 750 square feet , you can achieve seamless integration of clinic and surgery in just a few short weeks with no surgery downtime. We provide the essential equipment, surgical supplies, insurance acquisition, accreditation, and compliance training – so all you need to do is focus on your patient’s surgery.

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