TurnkeyiOR Surgical Suites

With iOR Partners' Expertise, You Are Free to Focus on Surgery

Just as an ASC makes surgery turnkey by providing everything you need, so does iOR Partners. We assume responsibility for the entire process – from space planning to staff training, inventory management, compliance, and everything in between. With as little as 500 square feet, you can incorporate an in-office surgery suite and achieve seamless integration of clinic and surgery from a single location in just a couple of months. All you need to do is focus on your patient’s surgery.


How It Works

There is little to no upfront cost to implement an iOR Suite®. Rather, for the term of the agreement, you pay a per case fee that includes a customized array of services. iOR does not contain any ownership in your practice. We are solely a service provider.

The cost of building an office-based surgery suite is significantly less than an ASC and adds tremendous value to your practice. You can implement an iOR® office-based surgical suite in as little as 90 days and retain surgical revenues within your practice.

For example, when performing surgery at an ASC, you are reimbursed only for your surgical fee. However, with an iOR Surgical Suite®, you will receive your surgical fee plus additional reimbursement that would have been paid to the ASC. So not only will you retain 100% of surgical revenues within your practice, an iOR office-based surgical suite can provide you with additional sources of revenue.

iOR Financial Calculator

Find out if office-based surgery makes financial sense for your practice. Calculate your potential surgical revenue with an iOR suite.

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iOR Partners makes office-based surgery turnkey for you. With as little as 750 square feet , you can achieve seamless integration of clinic and surgery in just a few short weeks with no surgery downtime. We provide the essential equipment, surgical supplies, insurance acquisition, accreditation, and compliance training – so all you need to do is focus on your patient’s surgery.

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