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3 Reasons Office-Based Surgery is an Ideal Solution for Cataract Surgeons in 2023 

In the face of physician fee cuts and hospitals deprioritizing ophthalmic surgeries are in favor of cardiac and orthopedic procedures. Surgeons are looking for more effective ways to treat patients while increasing their surgical time. Office-based surgery (OBS) provides a safe and efficient solution. More surgeons are turning to office-based cataract surgery.

Currently, in the US, at least 115 vision centers are performing cataract surgeries in their office. Trends suggest a shift from ASC to OBS as the new normal for cataract surgery over the next 10 years. 

With rapid changes, here are three reasons why office-based surgery should be a part of your practice.

1. It’s safe and effective

When it comes to performing a medical procedure, safety is the number one concern for both patients and surgeons.

Fifty years ago, cataract surgeries were performed exclusively in hospitals. The introduction of ASCs provided a high-quality and more cost-effective option for patients. Now, over 50,000 ophthalmic procedures have been safely performed in the office setting. This makes office-based surgery the next evolution in a high-quality, cost-effective surgical environment.  

2. Highest safety standards

OBS suites are regulated in all 50 states and operate under the physician’s license governed by the individual state board of medicine using either Class A (oral sedation, such as diazepam) or Class B (monitored) anesthesia. iOR Partners follow national accreditation standards when implementing in-office surgical suites and are advocating for industry stakeholders to establish national standards for OBS.

  • An iOR Suite is a standard operating room with the same safety standards, protocols, sterility, and infection control, as it applies to ophthalmic surgical procedures, as an ASC or hospital outpatient department. 
  • As part of our accreditation program, iOR Suite® physicians must provide quarterly data on their surgical outcomes, primarily regarding adverse events. 
  • We believe that iOR Partners’ safety standards should be adopted by OBS facilities nationwide and are actively pursuing national accreditation standards with The Joint Commission and OMIC.

3. Freedom to perform surgery when & where you want

Many ophthalmologists lack the control they deserve and the revenue they could earn because they perform surgical procedures outside of their clinic. Office-based surgery places the entire surgical process under the surgeon’s control. 

Surgeons are not limited to a block schedule with OBS. They can perform cases at a time when the patient has availability. Additionally, due to a more efficient workflow, reduced downtime at another facility and increased productivity, surgeons can increase their patient volume and accomplish more procedures in a shorter period of time.

Conclusion on Office-Based Cataract Surgery

Are you going to make the move to office-based cataract surgery? Do you have experience with office-based cataract surgery? It is safe and effective, held to high safety standards, and had a freedom of scheduling for practices.