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Virginia-based Practice Makes the Move to Office-Based Surgery  

Move to Office-Based Surgery

With few Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) in northern Virginia, John Josephson, M.D., and chief surgeon at Eye Specialists & Surgeons of Northern Virginia, knew it was time to increase access to eyecare for his patients and his practice. When space became available in his office, he decided to make the transition to office-based cataract surgery in a cutting- edge/state-of-the-art surgical suite. And he trusted iOR Partners to pave the way for his move to office-based surgery (OBS).

All of Your Eyecare Under One Roof 

The patient-centered suite is the first of its kind in the area, and was completed in 2022. The suite accommodates the schedules of Dr. Josephson’s five surgical partners and medical team, as well as his patients’. And it’s just down the hall so there’s no need to race to the ASC.  

“We’ve performed 250 cataract surgeries in the past ten months in our new iOR surgical suite with absolutely no complications.” -John Josephson, M.D. 

Partnering with iOR was the Best Decision I Could Have Made

“They’re the only company providing office-based surgery suites to ophthalmologists.  In less than 90 days, they facilitated a seamless transition to OBS that included staff training and materials management, as well as safety and compliance to ASC accreditation standards. Since implementation of OBS, I’ve had nothing but positive reviews and referrals,” says Josephson.  

iOR Partners provides:

  • Billing assistance
  • Space planning
  • Staff training
  • Safety and compliance
  • Timeline and cost analysis

“I simply couldn’t have taken the step without iOR’s guidance and oversight. They handled everything from planning and development to support and launch.” -John Josephson, M.D.    

OBS = Convenience and Control

Not only does Dr. Josephson spend more time with his patients, he’s able to focus solely on their surgery without leaving the office. And that gives him full control over the surgical process from beginning to end, with less stress for his patients and his team.  

  • One Location Convenience
  • No Time-Consuming Paperwork
  • No-Hassle Scheduling
  • No Hospital Policies Holding You Back

What’s more, he’s empowered his staff to manage workflow and decision making in the new surgical suite. Some have even been trained for surgical roles. 

Owning an OBS even contributes to Dr. Josephson’s missionary work in other countries. He has a deeper understanding of all aspects of surgery, from equipment setup to troubleshooting issues. The experience has given him greater expertise in an environment without the conveniences of a modern-day OR. 

“OBS gives me the flexibility and work/life balance to pursue my mission work in countries where eyecare is a luxury. OBS has helped immeasurably there. It’s taught me so much about running my own OR.” – John Josephson, M.D. 

Patient Comfort in OBS

Dr. Josephson’s patients experience less stress and anxiety when their surgery is performed in a place that’s familiar to them by a team they know and trust. From initial consultation through post-surgical care, it’s all in one place. Plus, there are no surprises when it comes to cost.  There were no crowded waiting rooms, less surgery time for faster recovery, reduced patient stress, and most cases were performed IV-free.

A patient talks about her experience having surgery in an OBS

Cost Savings After the Move to Office-Based Surgery

The move to office-based surgery has increased efficiency and reduced costs, while providing an additional revenue stream above and beyond Dr. Josephson’s professional fee. When he does that, he can pass on those savings to his patients.  He retains 100% of surgical revenue, increases his case volume, has complete control of equipment costs and does not pay ASC or Hospital facility fees.

“I’m happy with the cost savings, but that wasn’t the main reason I went with OBS. Patient access, safety, and compliance were the primary goals.”  -John Josephson, M.D. 

Are you ready to make the move to office-based surgery for your practice? Get started with a free feasibility analysis.