Luke Rebenitsch, MD

Choosing the Right IOL & Enhancement Over Replacement

By Luke Rebenitsch, MD IOL surgery has evolved over the last few decades. It used to be a hospital-based procedure, ...
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Richard Lindstrom, MD

The Future of Cataract Surgery

By Richard Lindstrom, MD Cataract surgery is the highest volume procedure for both the ophthalmologist and the ophthalmic industry, attracting ...
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Considerations for In-Office Cataract Surgery

It is a big transition to relocate a surgical practice, especially when thinking outside of what is considered “normal”. It ...
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office-based surgery whitepaper

Is Office-Based Surgery Safe?

When considering office-based surgery suite for your practice, safety is the primary concern. Lance Kugler, MD of Kugler Vision in ...
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office-based surgery

Is OBS Safe? Top 5 Questions Answered on the Safety of Office-Based Cataract Surgery

In a recent blog posted on, Daniel Durrie, M.D., chairman of the board for iOR Partners, addresses the number ...
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ophthalmology office based surgery suite

Office-Based Surgery in the Current Climate

Pre COVID-19, most patients undergoing surgery experienced some level of anxiety, ranging from mild unease to severe panic attacks. Now, ...
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