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Practice Spotlight: Cheema MD Eye Care

Mohsin M. Cheema, MD & Practice Administrator, Stephanie Zehnick share how their experience with office-based surgery has greatly improved Cheema MD Eye Care. 

Why I Made the Move to Office-Based Surgery (OBS)

Before OBS, we were facing several challenges. The local Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) here in Kingston, New York, closed. So, we had to take our patients to surgical centers in Albany and Poughkeepsie, New York. As a result, obtaining local surgical time had become increasingly difficult. At the same time, due to the aging population, we were experiencing an increase in patient volume. Patients were traveling nearly an hour to Albany or Poughkeepsie for cataract surgery, and I was traveling there, too. It simply wasn’t convenient for either of us.

Since our transition to OBS in January, I have complete control over the surgical process with 24/7 access, 365 days a year. Everything is in one place, and it’s right down the street. I can choose my equipment and operate with a surgical team I know and trust. What’s not to like?

“Until OBS, I had to perform surgery in Albany or Poughkeepsie. I was wasting valuable time every day.”

Patients Prefer OBS and So Do I…

Our number one priority is always our patients, and they experience less stress and anxiety when their surgery is performed in a place that’s familiar to them by a team they know and trust. In most cases, surgery is performed with light oral sedation (Class A) that doesn’t require an IV (Class B). As a result, patients recover quicker, and surgery time is considerably shorter. There’s no fasting, no crowded waiting rooms, and no surprises regarding cost. The entire OBS experience is patient-centered vs. ASC-centered. And that’s made such a difference in my practice.

OBS offers a continuity of care we simply didn’t have before,” says Practice Administrator Stephanie Zehnick. “Patients love it, and so do we.”


I Can See More Patients, and My Patients See More of Me

As mentioned, I don’t have to travel to an ASC in Albany or Poughkeepsie. Instead, I get to spend that time with my patients. I have complete control of the surgical process from beginning to end without ASC policies and paperwork holding me back. Scheduling has never been easier. Currently, we are doing about 44 cases per month in the iOR Suite; what’s more, we do not use an IV, so I don’t have the added expense of an anesthesiologist or the worry of finding one with the shortage we are facing. ice-based Class A) and do not require an IV (Class B).

Patients are coming to us for convenience and a less stressful experience, which has given us a competitive advantage.

“Since implementation of OBS, we’ve had nothing but positive reviews and many referrals.”

Partnering with iOR Made All the Difference

It was the best decision I could have made, and it would have been a daunting task without them. In just six months, iOR facilitated a seamless transition to a free-standing, cutting-edge, 900-square-foot surgical suite. That included everything from timeline and space planning to build-out and billing assistance.

Additionally, with iOR by our side, we saved money on our laser system and microscopes. They addressed every question I had, and they’ll be with me down the road with ongoing support.

“I would have been lost without iOR’s guidance and oversight. They handled everything from start to finish, allowing me to focus on my patients and my practice.”

I’d encourage any ophthalmologist with a growing practice to consider OBS. It’s a safe, affordable, convenient choice, and the continuity of care is unmatched. However, I’d advise you not to tackle it alone. You’ll save time, money, and frustration when you team up with iOR.

Cheema MD Eye Care, PLLC

Kingston, New York


social: @cheemaeye

Surgeon Name: Mohsin M. Cheema, MD

Launch Date: January 24, 2024


Mohsin M. Cheema, MD

Dr. Cheema is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has been serving the mid-Hudson Valley since 1998. A former valedictorian of Kingston High School, Dr. Cheema graduated summa cum laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor’s degree in biology. He obtained his medical degree with honors from Albany Medical College.

After completing an internship in internal medicine at the Albany Medical Center, he went on to complete his residency in ophthalmology at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Cheema is a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Additionally, he is a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Refractive Surgery Alliance, and the International Society of Refractive Surgery. He is also a member of the New York State Ophthalmological Society. Dr. Cheema is Kingston’s leading Lasik and cataract surgeon.

Learn More About Office-Based Surgery

To learn more about office-based surgery, please visit our frequently asked questions page or take a feasibility analysis to determine whether implementing OBS into your practice makes sense.